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Floral Decorations and Arrangements


We supply a number of large brands and 4 and 5 star hotels with luxury floral arrangements for their venues, events and functions. 


Our trained florist and brand designer can tailor make your designs to fit your company ethos, customer and carefully select the look that is right for your space.  Designs can be completed in either fresh flowers or fake flowers depending on the look you want to achieve or the time in which you need your display to last.



Fake Flowers


Quality faux flowers

We only use the very best, luxury faux flowers to get a ‘real-look’ from all of our designs.  Every single one of our blooms is hand–picked and chosen to look at their very best.  We supply fake floral arrangements to a wide range of clients including 5 star hotels, large corporate brands, weddings and gala events.


Fake flowers are no longer the neon-colour flowers that sat on your grandma’s coffee table, they are high quality, sustainable, look and feel exquisite and can make a big impact at a fraction of the price of fresh flowers.


Fake Flowers are:


Long Lasting

Low Maintenance

Contain no allergens for your customers

Low cost compared to fresh flowers

Harder wearing than fresh flowers


Long Lasting

On average our indoor displays last approximately 3 months, dependant on their location.  This means that on average they last 45 x longer than fresh cut flowers, which can only be guaranteed to be fresh for two days without maintenance.


Low Maintenance

Our arrangements will be fully ready for instalment when delivered to you so that they can be easily put into place.  We also offer an optional set up service in which one of our designers can install them for you and ensure they are correctly placed.  Alternatively we can supply instructions specific to your order, which will direct you staff of how to install your arrangement for it to look at its best.


Contain no allergens

Many fresh flowers contain pollens, which can cause allergic reactions when used in small spaces or rooms such as lavatories or lifts.  For these spaces we strongly suggest fake flowers promote the comfort and wellness of all of our customers.


Low cost compared to fresh flowers

Due to the life span of fresh cut flowers their cost greatly exceeds that of their fake look-alike.  If you are looking for seasonal displays that last 3 months, fake flowers could save you having to replace your display over and over again.

If you are looking for a high quality finish but only need your display to last a maximum of a three days with no maintenance please see fresh flowers.


Harder wearing

If your arrangement needs to be kept out of water or in an environment that is warm, highly air-conditioned etc then fake flowers would be strongly recommended.  Fake flowers will always look their best even when in a heated area, under air conditioning and especially for small arrangements that are unable to sit in a vase with a suitable amount of water.




Fresh Flower Arrangements



We only use flowers received 16 hours after they left the farm.  We pride ourselves on long lasting fresh cut flowers that can be used in luxury arrangements for your venue or event.


Our service: Maintenance



Keeping your flowers fresh for your customers is part of our service promise.  We can maintain your arrangements every 2/3 days to make sure you get the most out of your arrangements.  This includes everything from changing water to cutting stems and ensuring that your flowers are fed correctly.  We also thoroughly clean vases, replace any flowers that have been damaged during use etc.


Fresh flower arrangement packages


We offer discounts on monthly, quarterly or yearly packages that will help us ensure that you are looking your best for your customers.