Wedding Centrepieces


Wedding centrepieces can be as creative or as traditional as you can imagine.  You can either let us create your wedding centrepieces for you or you can come to us for advice on creating them yourself.  We hire a range of vases, lights, flowers, balloons and much more to help you get the perfect wedding centerpieces to suit you and your taste.



Vases and mirror plate wedding centrepieces



We hire a range of different vases with endless possibilities of what we can do with them for you.  We can fill them with flowers, floating flower heads, fully submersed flowers, faux floral displays, water, coloured water, coloured gel beads, lights, candles, twigs, sweets and much more.

The range of vases we have on offer include:



  • 70cm Martini glass vase
  • 60cm Cylinder vase
  • 40cm Conical vase
  • Large fish bowls
  • Small fish bowl
  • Hurricane vase
  • Decorated Jar vases
  • Single stem Rose/Lily vase
  • Small cylinder vase



Alternatively all of these vases can be hired on a ‘DIY’ basis so you can fill them with whatever takes your fancy.


We also hire small and large mirror plates that you can use underneath anything you want to use as your personal wedding centrepieces.  This will give any items you want to include the impact it needs to stand out.  Tea light candles or lights also complement mirror plates very well as the reflection gives a stunning finish to your display.



Floral Wedding centrepieces



If you want wedding centrepieces to be created with flowers all you need to do is contact us and speak to our in house wedding florist.  We can give you advice on seasonal flowers, colours and different floral displays that would create different impact wedding centrepieces.  Flowers are both traditional and popular as wedding centrepieces as they can create an elegant and lavish look.  For more information on flowers specifically please see our flowers page.



Balloon wedding centrepieces



Balloons can make very beautiful and very inexpensive wedding centrepieces with high impact.  It can be a great way to tie the colours of your wedding together and to highlight the party atmosphere.  The perfect balloon based centrepieces are balloon bouquets in clusters of 3’s, 5’s, 7’s or 9’s with a mirror plate and some LED tea lights.  If you are interested in Balloon bouquet wedding centrepieces please see our balloons page.



Candle or fairy light wedding centrepieces



Whether you want church candles, tea light candles, LED tea lights or fairy lights we can help you.  Just let us know what sort of look you want to achieve, maybe it is a candle-lit banquet or a modern look with fairy lights.  Whatever you are looking for we can help you get great value wedding centrepieces that create the look you want.  Most wedding centrepieces including lighting will be finished off with mirror plates to frame your lighting in the center of the table and reflect the light.



Food or drink wedding centrepieces



If you do not want to have a centrepiece on your table but do want to display the wine for the table, cupcakes etc in the center then why not simply hire mirror plates to finish off the table.  If you want sweets in the center of your table then you could also hire glass vases or sweetie jars to display them in.  If you are interested in sweets as wedding centrepieces please go to our sweets page.



DIY wedding centrepieces



If you want to create your own DIY centrepieces firstly you need to decide what you want and the look you want to create.  We hire all of the items we stock on a ‘Do it yourself’ basis as well as offering a full set up service.  If you want to do flowers with your bridesmaids or someone wants to do them for you then look through our vase selection and we can give you what you need to start off.  Alternatively if you want help creating anything else, we would be happy to help you.



Themed wedding centrepieces



If you have a theme for you wedding you may want to continue the theme into your table centers or wedding centrepieces.  For instance a black tie themed party/ cocktail evening could be ideally finished off with a martini glass vase with the look of a cocktail in the center of the table, finished with a mirror plate with some lights or candles and this could create an amazing talking point.


However, if you are going for a vintage themed wedding for instance you may want to include some vintage glassware or silver to make unique wedding centrepieces.


If you are looking for help with themes for your wedding party/ wedding centrepieces feel free to visit our wedding theme page for ideas, hints and tips.