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Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouquet

As many traditions go, the bridal bouquet is one of the most important when thinking about wedding flowers so good communication with your wedding florist is essential.  The bouquet should compliment the bride's dress and be sure to mirror the same style and not overpower it.  When you are choosing the rest of your wedding flowers you can match them to your bridal bouquet or go for something completely different in order to create a contrast.  Our Wedding florist will help you pick the perfect balance.  There is no right or wrong when choosing wedding flowers to be incorporated into your bouquet, go for something you like or that will highlight the style of your wedding.  Bridal bouquets can be made out of any flowers you like so why not let us know what your favourite flowers are and being experienced wedding florists we can suggest complimentary flowers and foliage for your bouquet.



Wedding Flowers and Centerpieces

A good idea is to look around to get to know the kind of wedding flowers that would go with your wedding style.  If you are going for a classic and traditional wedding you can pretty much ask your wedding florist for any wedding flowers.  If on the other hand you are going for a more modern or specific style or theme you may have to think a bit more carefully about what you choose.  If this is the case and you need help choosing the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding then contact us.



Top Table Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers displayed on your top table should be the same flowers that are on the centerpieces of the other tables.  However it is traditional to use these wedding flowers to frame the top table and stand out from the other tables.  Wedding flowers for the top table generally reflect the bridal flowers but in a top table arrangement.  Our specialist wedding florist will be able to frame your top table perfectly with the flowers you choose.



Wedding Flowers: Buttonholes

Buttonholes for the Groomsmen and wedding party are important wedding flowers and must be the correct size to fit on the lapel of the wearer’s jacket.  We can help you choose one of the blooms from your other wedding flower displays and add to this with the perfect foliage to frame your buttonholes.



Wedding Cake Flowers

A cake posy or cake table flowers can be made to match your cake or to simply go with the rest of the room's wedding flowers.  Flowers can be made to sit on the cake itself, on the cake stand tiers or anywhere on your cake table.  Using a wedding florist for the is essential as your cake supplier will not always be able to match these to the rest of your floral arrangements.



Wedding Flowers for the Church or Ceremony room

We specialise in all wedding flowers including those for your ceremony room.

Wedding flowers can be put at the end of your seating rows to decorate the seats and also frame the aisle.  Flowers can be tied to the end of the seating rows with organza ribbon or in glass jars, flowerpots and much more.  


Alternatively for your aisle you could have rose petals scattered lining your aisle.  This looks luxurious and great in the wedding photos.  This can also be decorated with candles or LED lights for a spectacular look.


It is also customary to have wedding flowers decorating the alter, stage, entrance or readings podium.  These will all create a special occasion atmosphere from the moment your guests first arrive.



Thank you Bouquets: Wedding Flowers

It is customary and tradition to award the bride and groom’s mothers and anyone else who has played a significant part in the organising of the wedding with thank you bouquets.  These do not usually match or are in any way similar to the bride’s wedding flowers.  These bouquets can be made out of each individuals flower preferences if you know what flowers they like or you can pick standard special occasion flower bouquets.



Where we supply wedding flowers to


We create wedding flowers in Windsor, Berkshire and all of the surrounding areas.  If you are looking for wedding flowers in Reading, Slough, West London, Surrey or close by we can help you.  We provide you with a free wedding flowers consultation in Berkshire, Surrey, London.  We also supply wedding flowers in Birmingham and the West midlands.